Anonymous said: u cute

u smart gurl

Melitta Baumeister at DSM
I die

Anonymous said: Can you sketch/draw or paint? How do you come up with those ideas for your designs? omg ur clothes are faaaab

Yes I draw and sketch a lot, but usually the initial idea of what I sketch doesn’t turn out well with the type of fabric draping-wise so the designs change on their own. Thank you!

Melitta Baumeister at DSM
Rocha at DSM
I never want to leave
Koons koons koons

Anonymous said: What equipment do you use to sew? and how long did it take you to get to the skill level you're at now? your clothes are great btw

I use a cheap ” Brother ” sewing machine but it works v well. I started sewing when I got the machine which was a little more than two months ago. Thank you :,)

Anonymous said: Where do you find/how do you choose the landscapes to do shoots?

It’s not that hard in Utah to find locations for shoots bc it’s a gorgeous state in terms of nature and cute landscapes

rvres said: the coffee there is good.

yassss queen

faelum said: can i just say i really love your clothings? because you made them by yourself and it's absolutely great how young you are and you can make those beautiful pieces

This is super sweet, thank you

Anonymous said: you been to VFiles yet?? Melitta Baumeister was part of VMF so im pretty sure her pieces are there as well.

HAHAHAH yes I have, I actually brought the clothes there to be shot and displayed :„)