no one wants to go to MoMA w me I’m crying

Smh x fml aka me

I didn’t even slep

Anonymous said: What's your instagram?



Untitled  (by u*yam)

Anonymous said: my dong still throbs 4 u bb :)

hello ??? Pournoirr.tumblr.com/submit bitch

Anonymous said: omg I remember see her last show on v-files at NYFW, it was awesome! I loved that structured neoprene jacket! Thats kind of big deal hun, enjoy!!!! ^_^

Yes! Her stuff is amazing :,)

Anonymous said: What's ur snapchat so I can send them


Anonymous said: who are you intern for and what part of NYC ?

Melitta Baumeister in manhattan

Anonymous said: my dick is hard what r u wearing? I want to slap my dick in ur face

stay in your lane

pocobaba said: How's NY and the job so far??

It’s so amazing here I don’t want to leave!!! I’m in love with the city life and I’ve met very amazing and talented people and made new friends. My internship has been great :,)

Anonymous said: hello little bitch


hello talk to me hello